Sunday, 20 May 2012

Whedon's Groove

Joss Whedon produced (and apparently cast) the super po-mo horror The Cabin In The Woods, a sharp, tongue in cheek subversion of the oldest of horror tropes. Despite the bunch of stereotypes finding themselves in a creepy old house battling a bunch of psychokillers from the very start there's obviously something else going on as the narrative is split between the kids and some behind the scenes techs pulling the strings. The performances are decent enough and the script/plot just about balances the comedy and horror but it drags it's feet a little only to rush through it's final, revelatory act. Director Drew Goddard could've worked a bit harder to make the reveal a little less obvious but it's still lots of fun and well worth watching, especially if you're aux fait with the genre.

Whedon makes a more concerted effort as writer/director of the superhero monster mash Avengers Assemble bringing Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk together to battle some pesky invaders in a foot to the floor, dayglo action spectacular. Whedon takes the sensible option and eschews characters and plot for a witty script and a whole host of face-offs with plenty of bangy smashy nonsense. This will no doubt rake in the cash ensuring, at the very least, a sequel for each of the main characters as well as another gang bang. I was a bit skeptical bout this beforehand but Whedon's done a marvellous job. Disengage brain and you're in for two plus hours of unashamedly superficial fun

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