Thursday, 26 March 2009

Just Watched

20th Century Boys - is a live action manga adaptation. It's pretty good, certainly much better than the Death Note films, my only problem is I think I'd have preferred it as an anime, after watching so many great series it's hard not to imagine how good it would have been given more time to develop plot and character. Some kids write a book of apocalyptic prophecy which starts to come true when they're adults.

Splinter is a low budget horror, on a par with Alien Raiders and Altered. All three have modest ambitions and are hamstrung by less than incredible acting but they all managed to entertain me - maybe I'm just a sucker for b-movie fare or maybe its my softened brain sac.

The Changeling starring George C Scott is a nice little ghost story - recently widowed composer sets up in spooky old house. The plot may be well tread and it looks like a cheapo tv movie but its still got some scares left in it.

Ju Oh Sei was a bit of a disappointment - maybe that's cause I thought there were the usual 26 eps and there was only 11 but it started off pretty well and went downhill from there. Two brothers are stranded on a hostile planet swarming with hungry plants and one survives to fight his way free for vengeance - wouldn't bother.

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