Friday, 29 May 2009

Nutty Hubbard Lovers

France is now my favourite European country and all because of this . Also this week Hubbard lovers have been booted from Wikipedia for general dickishness

More amusements from the US of A

G. Gordon Liddy! I thought he'd rolled into his grave already but no he's still alive and kicking and spouting guff like this. What a prize sheethill - what is it with radio hosts in America ? Is it a job requirement to speak from ones own sphincter ?

Gibbs better get scared

Oh dear poor Presidential mouthpiece Gibbs just ticked off our hacks - all because the Torygraph had ran a little article about the scenes of rape and sexual abuse in the, as yet, unreleased Abu Ghraib prison photos. Poor old thing Gibbs will live to regret dissing UK journos and I'm sure it'll just be a matter of time before he's eating humble pie after reading this today on

Thursday, 28 May 2009

I Love Religion! it makes me laugh & cry

I was thinking I'm not getting as many laughs out of the Christians as I used to and this moron surfaces - me likes him, the more idiotic preachers get the bigger my chuckles. Maybe someone will point out, finally, that their faith in the Almighty Space Jesus is as credible as believing in Perseus, Mithras or even Gilgamesh ?

At least it stopped me thinking about this dufus.

I'm tired of pussyfooting around people with religious faith - why is it that religious belief is "special" case that you're not allowed to argue and talk rationally about like other beliefs like past life regression, mediumship ?

thank god i don't live anywhere near this

thanks to Boingboing for the link - this is the sort of shop I dream of. Probably a good idea there isn't one like it near me. Books glorious books.

more moronic mps

This guy is a proper tool - imagine Cameron wasn't too pleased when he heard him say on air it was for his "servants" quarters, fair enough he did correct himself quickly to "staff" but we all heard it. Mmm I don't think the Tory backbenchers are in step with Dave's efforts in rebranding.

One piece of good news though is this pair of chumps have finally gone. Was getting quite bored of Kirkbride's endless justifications on the Beeb.


These are cool - not quite what I was after but just as well as i haven't even started on my stillsuit mind you I can probably wait till these guys figure it out. This will turn up in the FT undoubtedly so I'll wait and get an informed opinion later. Wish they'd do more Fortean stuff on TV these days, in the past I remember a show by Rev. Lionel Fanthorpe or something, doing a magazine type show covering all the bases, he was ok a bit hokey but pretty good, there was the marvellous Jon Ronson's For The Love of exploring peculiar beliefs and there's been Derren Brown of course and his excellent mad mentalist mesmerism, just wish he'd done more to debunking, Debunk Derrren Debunk ! Also some great cryptozoological show with a pretty chunky guy sweating it up in jungles looking for animals that barely exist - all good all interesting, if TV can't do decent intelligent science TV anymore maybe it should push towards the boundaries of science and highlight the most extreme and fringe elements of the community - that way they'll get bonus controversy and plenty of talking points - game over. God I really should be running a TV station just probably not this high.


Watched a pretty mediocre zombedy last night from New Zealand, Last of The Living, there's some laughs, some gore, a patchy-at-best script and a few duff actors. Oh and it felt half an hour longer than it actually was.

Also watched The Putin System - think I might have caught it on Storyville or something on the Beeb before. Anyways it's a pretty alarming/alarmist? look at the development of Russia over the Putin-era, sadly already out of date it nonetheless did remind me of aspects of Putin's colourful past which I'd forgotten. What a guy! God foreign politicians are so much more, something, than our own, say Bush, Putin, Berlusconi, Chavez & Mugabe and you've got yourself a comedy troupe, Apatow's gang should be scared.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Couch based activities

Had a pretty nice Sunday bumming around the flat tending to my veg and watching the usual Sunday GP on the gogglebox, played a bit of PS3 and watched a few films. So Defiance the story of the heroic resistance of Polish Jews against the Nazi horde was pretty good in the end. It's a shame but Craig can be dreadfully dull. Anyways there's some exciting, realistic action sequences and the cast that can carry off the speaking bits - Liev Schreiber, grudgingly Daniel Craig & Jamie Bell all managed to do some decent work even though they're hampered by the strange half-accent half-subtitled nature of the film. Worth a watch.

Just watched The Intruder by Roger Corman - there's a retrospective of Corman on at the festival but typically can't make any of the viewings as I'll be working - anyways Shatner is actually pretty good ! Who'd have thought it ? It's a great little film about the race issue in smalltown america and if you can get past the terrible film quality it's a effective little piece about bigotry and mob behaviour in the sweaty South. Shatner plays Cramer, mysterious stranger, who manages to whip the locals into a redneck frenzy. Surprisingly good.

Also started watching State of Play, I kinda remember enjoying it the first time around and I thought I'd give it another go before I watch Russell Crowe mumble his way through the recent remake. Two episodes in and I'm already wondering what other great BBC dramas have I've forgotten about.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Cool ! maybe we can avoid revolution

There really should be more of this going on, these parasites have been leeching off us for waay too long now and its about time some criminal procedures were instigated. Doesn't help when the police allow themselves to be bullied by filthy corrupt, double-speaking politicians. I, rather unfashionably, respect the police and all our Services but they should be working for us the citizens not the self-serving politicians that pretend to be their masters - a few choice prosecutions would have seen off any budget cuts and given the extent of the dirt thats rising to the top I'm sure in the past there's some actionable cases along the way.

After hearing this clip on Have I News For You I was itching for the noose again. These people have little understanding about the lives of actual people, spending their time in a strangely narrow group of individuals has bred the usual psychological deficits and thus they sound like morons at best and at worst like some sort of proto-facist - ah well at least politics is interesting again. God what a nightmare Gordo must be having, I feel quite sorry for him actually, if you're reading this Mr Prime Minister and you think you need a hand I'll easily point you in the right direction but well I guess I know you've just got to do it by yourself.

Anyways I started this post cause I really want to find out about the personal wealth of our MP's. I''ve done the usual googling but haven't really found the info I want in a nice easy format. I guess I could trawl though the Sunday Times Rich List looking for the little piggies but I just don't have the time. What I'm after is a list of what these 'stards personal wealth against how much they charge on expenses. If you've got an MP who is a millionaire why would he charge the taxpayer for his daily sundries, it's almost as if some of these people have drawn a big target on their back. Oh that sounds a bit like incitement to violence but it's more that I think that these people have bizarrely indentified themselves to us as the examples of the greed inherent in long term public service and of the dangers involved in unscrutinised government.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

If my ears could salivate...

Fallout 3 news - DLC on way to the PS3 at last

Some great news today from Bethesda and surely one in the eye for Xbox fanboys/Sony haters.
Anyways I'll be snapping up all the downloadable content they can throw my way as I still dream of my many wasteland adventures. I'll wait a month or so and return to game to complete it as a badass muther funker.

So Frickin Cool

Thursday, 14 May 2009

televisual treats

Fallen starring Denzel, Elder Sutherland and Goodman was fairly enjoyable. It was one of those tip of the cortex type films where I'd remembered the plot but nowt else other than it was pretty good and after a little googling I figured it out. Basically a more serious version of Craven's Shocker this supernatural cop drama thriller thing manages to build tension early on and sustain it to a reasonably bleak ending.

Am almost finished watching V-The Mini Series, sorry more 80's stuff, and I'm already thinking it's been badly underrated - sure it's cheap by todays standards but it's darker than I remembered and though Marc Singer is a bit of a dud making me think of Troy Mclure all the time some of the other performances are pretty good. Anyways it's an good alien invasion/resistance story and it's got Michael Ironside in it and Michael Wright aka Omar from the also underappreciated OZ so get watching before the reboot hits next year.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sylar & Uhura ?!

Just watched the Star Trek reboot - guess it's ok, it's got more than a few problems and not just the strangest romantic plotline ever. Can anyone explain to me why Nimoy/Original Spock is in it ? to please fanboys I presume but I really hope it wasn't the sole justification for the time travel plot which was weak and unoriginal. There was plenty of missed oppurtunities like Kirk's monster chase and the weird bit with Scottie in the pipes. Not a massive fan of Pine as Kirk but he was tolerable, in fact reasonable performances throughout - was surprised that Pegg managed a decent Scottish accent but apparently he's married to one of us. Some great SFX though and all in all a pretty decent flick - I'd never of thought there'd be much life left in this ancient franchise but I guess I was wrong. Oh and Keenser why did I like him - essentially a crunchy ewok he somehow amused me, maybe it was his comedy sitting.

Monday, 11 May 2009


Mmm more dodgy tactics from the Met ? More and more revelations have tumbled out into the public domain, pretty much destroying the reputation of all Police forces. Can't wait till the journos start diggin into the recent past.

And as much as I can't really stand the tedious Torygraph well here's something we should all be ragin about - filthy greedy politicians filling their pockets while preaching to us again and again. Pitchfork and torch anyone ?

Super Sad Gordo, Top Toff Cameron and Clegg the Unrecognised all apologising for the breach of trust by the abuse of expensess really did nothing for me. In my opinion the only way to renew the sanctity of Parliament - instant by-elections for those deemed by me or I suppose Tony Benn, probably the only MP I'd trust, for those who've clearly broken the spirit of the rules and mandatory repayment of all monies accrued ven if this means bankruptcy. This would obviously mean tracking back into the expenses claimed by each MP for as far back as records allowed and of course the Police will need to be involved for cases of actual fraud. Oh and sack the Speaker - he's a fat grubby handed weegie who should be booted for continually trying to obstruct the populace from learning the facts about all this. If politicians really serve the people, oh what a joke, then they'd prosecute this matter the same way they do benfeit cheats, tax dodgers and fraudsters.

Nice peice by Brooker today


After last years not so successful experiments in growing tasties in my flat ( 6 tomatoes & 3 little peppers were my total harvest ) this year I've expanded my parameters with a little help the Wise Ones of course and well so far so good.

more LBP greatness

Gonna have to indulge my nostalgia bug once again with this frickin' awesome piece of news. I grew up with 2000ad and have long been frustrated by the lack of ambition the IP holders seem to have. Ok forget the mediocre Stallone movie - there's plenty of characters besides Dredd.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Nerd Heaven

Just found this on the ever awesome BoingBoing - think this will fit into my rosetta stone idea nicely.

More Nostalgia Flicks

Howdo - been fiddling about on the pc too much to be watching much this week but I did manage to watch Nightbreed. Have to say it wasn't quite as bad as I remember, it's a bit of a mess and a couple of actors were pretty weak but the story at least is somewhat different and Cronenberg's Dr Decker is fantastic. Wish they'd made a sequel or maybe a remake ?

I also watched Innocent Blood but sadly unlike Barker's tale of monster communal living Dante's sexy vampire flick wasn't quite as good as I remember. Saved by a great performance by Robert Loggia as the "exuberant" Mafia boss it wasn't really as funny, sexy or scary as I'd remembered. Doesn't help when the two leads can't act for puddings.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Me Affleck, Actor I BE !

Oh lordy finally finished Phantoms, trailer here - watched half the other night but it was late and I was "woozy" to say the least and Peter O'Toole was weirding me out. Anyways it was ok, don't think could really recommend it to anyone though cause of the scene with Affleck and a Labrador. Basically a creature feature it is more of a remix of the same old elements, small town big evil, gang of misfits piece together puzzle black guys dies. Oh and the usual endscene where they show the creature still alive jollying it up somewhere. I noticed that Chappelle who directed went onto to do some Wire episodes and a couple of good ones two if memory serves but this wasn't really that great. Wonder how they got the cast though.