Thursday, 28 May 2009


Watched a pretty mediocre zombedy last night from New Zealand, Last of The Living, there's some laughs, some gore, a patchy-at-best script and a few duff actors. Oh and it felt half an hour longer than it actually was.

Also watched The Putin System - think I might have caught it on Storyville or something on the Beeb before. Anyways it's a pretty alarming/alarmist? look at the development of Russia over the Putin-era, sadly already out of date it nonetheless did remind me of aspects of Putin's colourful past which I'd forgotten. What a guy! God foreign politicians are so much more, something, than our own, say Bush, Putin, Berlusconi, Chavez & Mugabe and you've got yourself a comedy troupe, Apatow's gang should be scared.

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