Thursday, 14 May 2009

televisual treats

Fallen starring Denzel, Elder Sutherland and Goodman was fairly enjoyable. It was one of those tip of the cortex type films where I'd remembered the plot but nowt else other than it was pretty good and after a little googling I figured it out. Basically a more serious version of Craven's Shocker this supernatural cop drama thriller thing manages to build tension early on and sustain it to a reasonably bleak ending.

Am almost finished watching V-The Mini Series, sorry more 80's stuff, and I'm already thinking it's been badly underrated - sure it's cheap by todays standards but it's darker than I remembered and though Marc Singer is a bit of a dud making me think of Troy Mclure all the time some of the other performances are pretty good. Anyways it's an good alien invasion/resistance story and it's got Michael Ironside in it and Michael Wright aka Omar from the also underappreciated OZ so get watching before the reboot hits next year.

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