Sunday, 12 June 2011


Is this a structure on the surface of Mars? according to one chap yes, according to actual scientists no. Just a glitch in the imaging software apparently.

Here's a nice list of ten cryptids that turned out to be real.

Su Kong Tai Din
, was left to die in the forest but was adopted by a Shaolin monk and became a tremendous fighter - oh and he also suffered from hypertrichosis, ie looked like teen wolf - movie please. HumanMarvels.
Australia has "lost" it's UFO files - probably just a jape to wind up the tinfoil hatters though.

An interesting but weird article about the Black Knight satellite (an object purportedly in a polar orbit) and the author PKD.

Some poor sods died when the bear they ran over when straight through the front and back windows.

Half witted German Catholics have been offering homeopathic treatments to combat homosexuality.

The survivors of the Jolpin hurricane now have to contend with a deadly fungus.

The persistent anomalous Hum is back - this time winding up locals in some County Durham village. Telegraph.

White wedding for the local woman who has the world's most piercings (over 6000). Gives me some hope.

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