Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Country Chillers

Low budget high strangeness is the order of the day in The Corridor a horror/scifi about a bunch of chums who take a trip to snowbound hills to scatter Mom's ashes. Not long after they arrive they discover a strange force field that appears to augment their perceptions and might explain Mom's unusual death. There's some middling acting and the script is perfunctory but it's commitment and the weird, unusual premise keeps things entertaining, kinda made me think of The Signal. A odd little film that's worth a look.

Harry Potter star Radcliffe leads Hammer's adaptation of classic ghost story The Woman in Black and it's actually not bad. Playing a widowed accountant Radcliffe is sent to a country estate to wind up some paperwork only to find himself besieged by creeping apparitions and superstitious locals. The acting is reasonable enough and the production is nicely detailed but it's strength lies in the excellent sound production which elevates the fairly predictable haunting into something a little more special. Another solid effort from the reborn Hammer studio.

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