Monday, 5 September 2011

Asbo & Astro boys Alien Assualts

Joe Cornish's directorial debut, Attack The Block, is a pretty decent alien invasion flick about a bunch of hoody yoofs thwarting some shiny toothed critters. There's plenty of action and a few laughs along the way as the motley crew use there lofi weapons and urban skills over the course of a Bonfire night to defend their tower block, enlisting mugging victims and petulant girlies to their cause. The acting is decent enough and it carefully walks the tightrope of stereotypes eventually fleshing out the gang into a fairly likeable bunch but it could have been funnier or maybe that just cause of my too high Adam and Joe based expectations.

Apollo 18 is reasonably entertaining entrant into the found-footage canon basing it's pseudo history on one of the unlaunched final Apollo Moon missions. A bunch of 'stronauts land on the lunar surface for the usual scientific endeavours and stumble across an abandoned Soviet lander and some pesky rock samples. FF features usually suffer from shaky cam overload but they mostly avoid that trap here and pile on the period detailing. It does suffer occasionally with indistinct audio in its strive towards "authenticity"and it's all fairly silly but nonetheless this is a claustrophobic horror that milks it's tiny budget for some genuine chills and the tension builds to a suitably dark finale.

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