Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Brain Slices n Stuff

Amazing new technique in reconstructing what we see from information garnered from fMRI scans. PopSci

Research shows Chimps might be naturally altruistic after all. ScienceDaily.

Olfaction appears a more potent sense than previously thought. NewScientist.

12th Century nun Hildegard of Bingen described female orgasms as a sense of heat in the brain. Mindhacks.

The problem of free will haunted my undergrad years so nervously here's an article about philosophers and neuroscientists getting knee deep in the debate. Nature.

Dutch scientists investigate our strange tendency to make false confessions. Economist.

Cyborg rat struts about with a brand new artificial cerebellum. NewScientist.

Our understanding of our perception of harmony gets a boost from a mathematical model. Sciencemag.

The active, constructive component of perception is nicely outlined in an article on Forgetomori.

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