Thursday, 27 September 2012

Tversity Toonery

Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, first published in 1986, is a bit of a classic in the world of graphic novels with it's amusingly bitter cynicism and crumbling vision of the caped crusader and so following the success of the Batman Year One adaptation/test run it's no surprise that the animators turned to this seminal work next. Bruce Wayne in his mid fifties, ten years into retirement but get itchy fists when a gang of mutants take hold of the city and old enemies are released from jail seemingly rehabilitated. Though the animation isn't as flashy as Damnation it's a stunningly faithful transliteration, mirroring the style and even individual frames of the original. The film makers have wisely split the tale into two halves but it means, unfortunately, a six month wait for the conclusion to this excellent adaptation.

Resident Evil Damnation is a cgi animated feature about a vaguely Eastern European country using the virus riddled zombie mutants as weapons in a civil war with the inevitable flesh shredding consequences. This is the 2nd or 3rd animated spin off from the video game/movie franchise and although I've no idea how it fits with the larger story it's really not that important, it's less about plot, characters or script and more about pressing the requisite fanboy buttons with munching, favourite monsters and sexy lady fights peppering proceedings. Though this is simple minded action nonsense it does look stunning with some of the best CGI I've seen to date so if your looking for cartoonish gore which requires zero brain activity this should do the trick.

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