Thursday, 18 November 2010

My Bindle Smells of Science

First planet from another galaxy found orbiting aging red Sun. Io9.

Tiny water bottle designed to trap a single water molecule. Reddit.

Looking at gravitational lensing in Black Holes might provide proof of other extra dimensions. Physorg.

CERN labcoats have succeeded in briefly trapping anti-hydrogen atoms in electromagnetic fields. Huffpo.

Luminary Sir Roger Penrose thinks he's got evidence of the universe that existed before the Big Bang. Io9

Our coalition Government apologises for secretly performing autopsies on nuclear workers corpses during the past 40 years. Impactlab.

Baffling idea about creating a fibre optic "cloak" that could hide events from space-time. BoingBoing, longer article at Nature.

Hartley 2 was caught throwing off snowballs the size of basketballs as the Deep Impact probe whizzed by. Wired.

China's Chang'E 2 probe orbiting the Moon. BadAstronomy.

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