Sunday, 28 November 2010

Wikileaks pops a massive Stoma bag

Wikileaks have dropped a crap load of US diplomatic messages, the site itself is down due to a DNS attack but there's already a bucket loads of slurry sloshing about:

Putin and Berlusconi have a special relationship probably involving their wallets,

While Alan Duncan and William Hague's relationship was purely flatmate/chums,

Everyone wants a piece of Iran

Oh yeah the US is spying on the UN

and Afghanistan's VP was caught carrying 52 million in cash in the UAE

there's loads spilling out now so I should of probably waited a bit before writing this but anyways Wikileak's giant commitment to amusing us proles isn't the only news in town. It was definitely astute timing to have our humiliating "let's introduce a grocer/hoax Taliban commander to Karzai jape" aired just before the Assange evacuation but maybe the FBI have taken the same tack with an amusing onanistic tale of the Feds taking the glory for nicking a terrorist they themselves have been grooming, supporting etc in undercover ops.

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