Sunday, 21 November 2010

Old School Mutant & a Pair of Drongos

Hatchet is a shlocky horror b-movie with a paper thin plot and even thinner characters. Set in New Orleans a couple of frat boys join a swamp tour and end up battling a tetchy, seemingly invincible mutant. Despite it's obvious shortcomings it's still quite entertaining with plenty of grisly slaughtering and a few laughs along the way. Not terrible with a few beers and an emptied mind.Needle has a bit more plot than Hatchet but it's a lot less fun. Some Oztralian college kid inherits a strange gothic voodoo machine thingy and when it goes missing his chums start dying. It's ok but the acting is sub par and it becomes tiresomely predictable towards the end. I wouldn't waste your time. The Reef is yet another Oz-horror and sadly yet another mishmash of mediocrity. This time some holidaymakers sail off for a dive, end up crashing the boat and decide to swim for an over the horizon island only to attract the attention of a peckish shark. Derivative and badly acted it does have the decency to muster a little tension but it's all too soon dissipated by the poor scripting/acting and low end productions values. I dunno I'm giving up on horror for a while.

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