Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Dramedy & Rudd-ery

Cherry follows a young man who joins an Ivy league University and finds himself alienated from his more worldly peers but he soon falls into a friendship/romance/love triangle with an attractive mature student and her precocious daughter. There's decent performances throughout and the faux indie sensibility keeps the plot 'real' but it's just not that funny for a film billed as a comedy and ends up little more than your average coming-of-age drama. Maybe I'm being harsh, as there are some nice touches and it's certainly possesses a sensitivity absent from the usual American Pie type crap, but there was nothing for me, that justifies the plaudits it's already garnered.

Our Idiot Brother stars Paul Rudd has a hapless but loveable hippy forced back into the bosom of his family after selling weed to a uniformed police officer. Not long after his arrival however and his naivete and simple mindedness begin to unravel his 3 sister's complicated city lives. Rudd is probably one of the better actors to fall from the Anchorman tree and he's supported with an excellent cast and it's brief run time keeps things tight. Overall a pretty decent, endearing little film but like Cherry it eschews some of the laugh potential for heartwarming and handwringing. Still both films, given they've strayed from the vulgar & crass path of most Hollywood efforts, are worth a look.

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