Monday, 7 November 2011

The Great Antidote

A brain parasite found in 10-20% of the UK population has been shown to effect dopamine levels. ScienceDaily.

Hubble has snapped the disc of gas & dirt being slurped down by a Black Hole. Wired.

The multitude of the brain's subconscious activity is addressed in this DiscoverMagazine article.

There's an area of sunspots roughly the size of Jupiter now facing in our direction. Discovery.

Russia's Phobos-Grunt mission launches this week and hopefully will return with a bucketful of the Martian moon's soil. ScientificAmerican.

Scientists have discovered a strange spiral structure Sun in the Lupus constellation. Gizmodo

Interesting article about the influence of our physicality on consciousness. ScientificAmerican.

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