Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Low Key Thrills

Bill Nighy's quiet, mumbly charm underpins Page Eight, a modest little spy thriller about intelligence sharing and a deceitful Prime Minister. Approaching retirement, Nighy finds himself under suspicion after a ultra sensitive document stirs up trouble and after an unlikely May-Dec flirtation with his gorgeous neighbour, played by Rachel Weisz, he soon becomes unsure who he can trust. With some decent acting and a wry, cynical script this was far more enjoyable than I'd expected and the paucity of action is outweighed by a (sadly all too rare) realism and intelligence.

Steven Soderbergh's Contagion also relies on it's realism to create the tension with a new, enigmatic disease spreading round the globe in this multistrand narrative. Structured much like his Traffic this thriller follows victims, health professionals, investigators and journalists from the onset of the epidemic to the inevitable, disastrous consequences. With a cast including Damon, Fishbourne,Paltrow and Winslet this has plenty of talent and a strong script that keeps the medical mumbo jumbo to a minimum. After it's torpid start it really picks up the pace and becomes a fairly chilling evocation of our perilous, interconnected world.

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