Saturday, 9 June 2012

Lies & Liars

The Tillman Story neatly describes the tragic turned tawdry scandal of the US military attempt to exploit the death of a NFL star who joined the Rangers and his bereaved family's dogged pursuit for the truth. With few frills this documentary soberly unravels the propaganda and official obstinacy that finally caved to reveal he'd been killed by his own trigger happy squad mates in a shambolic, tragic confrontation. Powerful, sobering stuff about the meaning of integrity and a government's lack of.

Errol Morris lightly spins the tale of a 1970's sex scandal in his documentary Tabloid. A one time rent a whip, nudey model kidnaps her true love, a bespectacled Mormon who's over here for a bit of missionary work and kickstarts a classic red top feeding frenzy much assisted by the verbose and quite loopy central figure, Joyce McKinney. Morris isn't too concerned about relaying the truth in this film as much as the colourful story and lurid characters involved and it's a highly entertaining bit of fluff.

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