Saturday, 9 June 2012

Nazi Nonsense

Undying Nazis are causing some Eastern European mayhem again (tut tut) in the B movie sequel Outpost: Black Sun. The tech behind their resurgence still tempts developed nations and as various soldiers struggle to recover it a couple of journalists find themselves behind enemy lines and in grave goose-stepping danger. As you'd expect no-one has bothered too much with the script or plot for that matter and the acting is as good as it needs to be I guess but the explication of the story dissipates any atmosphere and it's descends deeper into farce. A shame, for a homegrown horror the original was more fun, they really should've tried a little harder.

Moon Nazis plan to take control of the Earth in the trashy Iron Sky which, I'm sad to say, mostly squanders it's brilliant premise. A forgotten splinter of the Reich has spent the post war years slowly been building an invasion force of spacecraft on the dark side of the Moon (and going quite mad in the process) but their privacy and plans are disrupted by a bumbling celebrity astronaut. The bold and barmy set up is let down by a weak script which doesn't have the jokes or confidence to play it straight and a shambling, patchworked plot. Still it looks quite nice at times and I didn't switch it off.

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