Sunday, 10 June 2012

Slight Spectralisations

Returning to the family home after the death of her mother, a young woman becomes unsettled by supernatural shenanigans while tidying up the old biddy's affairs. The Pact is an admirably modest little film with a tiny cast and a reliance mostly on it's atmosphere than any gore or sfx for the scares and it's reasonably successful. The script is quite strong with a maturity to the characters that's not often associated with horror movies, mind you it helps to have an excellent central performance, from Caity Lotz, that ties things together. I'm not sure about the ending but it's one of the creepier films I've seen in a while.

Ti West's previous film was much lauded but did little for me so I wasn't sure about his latest, The Innkeepers, a fairly generic sounding haunted house pic. Two slacker hotel workers are working the last few shifts before the aging, supposedly haunted hotel gets closed down and tired of never seeing any spooks they finally provoke some action once an actress turned psychic checks in. Though The Pact was equally as bog standard in it's set up at least there was some acting chops on display, the main duo in this don't do the already cliched script any favours and only Kelly McGillis puts in a decent turn. Still there's a few scares and it has a certain charming 80's atmosphere to it but I still don't understand the hype about West.

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