Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cashing In & Out

Ridley Scott's much anticipated return to science fiction and the Alien universe with Prometheus turns out to be a revealingly awful hodge podge of previous tropes and slabs of cheese. A couple of archaeologists uncover evidence of our extraterrestrial origins and jaunt through the stars on a billionaire's dime in an effort to meet the parents but it all rather inevitably ends up in a sticky mess. It looks lovely but the plot is so muddled, so riddled with plot holes and idiotic characters that any enjoyment is short lived and I ended up feeling a little sorry for the talented actors involved but few of them made much effort anyway and I'm not sure if it's worth making any to watch it either and I'm sadly left wondering whether Scott is a decent director at all and not just a glossy hack like his brother.

Rebooting Spiderman so soon after the successful trilogy was always going to be a tricky, if not redundant, exercise but The Amazing Spiderman turns out to be mildly entertaining superhero fluff that will no doubt rake in the cash. Managing to cram the always tedious origin portion into a tidy 20 mins it gets to the action swiftly as Parker finds himself battling with a mad scientist turned Croc monster. There's nothing at all here that justifies the reboot but at least it's competent film making with an occasionally wry script, some decent effects and two solid performances from Rhys Ifans and Andrew Garfield.

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