Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Double 68 Bubble Gum

George Hamilton, before the indelible bronzing, stars, smugly, as a scientist researching human endurance for NASA but soon becomes the target of an insanely, improbably powerful psychic in The Power from 1968. Hamilton isn't much of an actor and this is mostly bog standard thriller nonsense with most of the scifi, other than the vaguely sketched paranormal powers, restricted to flashing dials and some expensive (now quaint) looking equipment and it isn't helped that there's more holes than actual plot but it has a kind of retro charm to it, particularly the party scene and the staring contest finale, so I guess at a push it'd keep you, like me, mildly entertained on a Sunday afternoon.

While The Power suffered from a lack of scifi, Goke: Body Snatcher from Hell probably suffers from a glut. A flight is forced into a emergency landing after a bomb threat/UFO flyby but the survivors are further endangered when a shape shifting, alien vampire thing stalks the crash site. Now this is a better reflection of 1968 with a crazed lurid palette, political sloganeering and dubious sexual politics all decorating a peculiar, quite barmy Japanese mish mash of scifi tropes. It's a decent enough watch with plenty of style but the acting is fairly ropey and it doesn't really make much sense.

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