Monday, 15 October 2012

Little Link Lustration

Someone’s found a Russian geoglyph, above, that predates the Nazca lines. Daily Grail.

Ancient Mexican Ley Lines? Reddit.

Intriguing tale of an Icelandic medium. Daily Grail.

Does questioning the motive behind the bombing of Nagasaki & Hiroshima make you a conspiracy nut? Reddit.

Didn’t know L Ron Hubbard wrote songs, shit ones sung by Travolta and other brainwashed idiots. Disinfo.

Russian kid finds a Mammoth carcass whilst walking his dog. BBC

Anomalous booming is irking the residents of some Amurican town. Reddit.

There’s another ‘solution’ to the Zodiac killer’s code. Reddit.

A neurosurgeon goes all gooey after a rather Christian NDE. Reddit.

Science/Art synthesist Neil Usher has built a robot which scans the skies for pareidolia. Wired.

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