Monday, 15 October 2012

Mild Bogglers

The removal of a longstanding French moustache sparks an enigmatic and paranoid thriller called, unimaginatively, La Moustache. As the mundane event unravels the urbane architect’s relationship and sense of reality, the film reveals itself to be something other than straightforward but unfortunately it’s this pivoting, intended to deepen it’s mysteries, that is it’s undoing. Despite the decent performances and cinematography the film fluffs it’s tensions with a fairly stark change of pace and a drift into rather clich├ęd ambiguity. It’s still a good watch just a little unfulfilling.

Mark Romanek’s 80’s debut Static is a modest but peculiarly effective drama about a bereaved inventor who builds a device which offers glimpses of heaven and gathers the odd-bod residents of his small town to witness his ingenuity. With a quiet humour softening the tragedy of the main character and some great acting from Keith Gordon and Amanda Plummer Romanek marshals a delicate atmosphere and some poignant observations on our oh-so-human condition. Even though, like La ‘Tache, this stumbles a bit with the denouement it’s a much more interesting and successful film.

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