Thursday, 30 April 2009


Here's another reason Ben Goldacre should be better known - I've been prattling on about his Bad Science and Brooker's Screen Burn for ages and though Brooker has reached the giddy heights of Telebox stardom Goldacre has remained quietly pointing out the daily idiocy we're fed as science in the media and with latest work the tragic consequences that can follow from blindly following people who appear to be scientific authorities.

After studying with the Koestler unit my scepticism grew and grew and then after 6 years selling books to the MBS market I'm now a card carrying atheist hard science type, suppose it was books like The Healing Power of Seashells that did it that and of course the mad as hell customers. Maybe I can stray a bit further at times - can you be a miltant rationalist ? Do we really have to suffer Dangerous Fools ? When a man says vitamins can cure AIDS and hundreds of thousands die as a result doesn't that say something about how we monitor those claiming scientific credentials? and doesn't the scientific community, the majority of intelligent reasonable individuals realise that they need to stand up and fight these morons-that-make-me-angry-bad?

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