Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Just Watched

Been a slow week in terms of viewing. I was asked by a perturbed customer to watch "The Obama Deception" Alex Jones' latest tirade against mainstream US politics. I assured my customer that it was his usual parade of half-truths, poor arguments and conspiracy babble. God knows at one point in my life I'd have probably given him more credence but at 33 I'm too old to be chasing phantoms.

I also saw the pilot episode of the Battlestar G. spinoff - Caprica - it was ok, a little too much like the OC but as long as it keeps feeding us background to the events of the main arc I think I'll keep watching. It's set up as a prequel and seems to be focussed on two families the Adamas and the Graystones. Lots of smoking and not enough half built Cylons but we'll see how it develops.

I've started watching a couple of new animes this week - the remake of Full Metal Alchemist which at least seems as good as the original and is apparently much closer to the manga. And the anime adaptation of Valkyria Chronicles. I started the PS3 game of Chronicles before Xmas and it was pretty sweet but got sidetracked into Fallout 3 but the anime is pulling me back into this beautiful, tactical based reimagining of WW2. Well worth your pennies.

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