Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Just Watched

Urgh should've posted earlier anyways I was off work for a few days so alongside the usual diet of Office, Supernatural, Fringe, Lost etc etc I managed to watch The Burrowers - gets a fairly harsh score on IMDB but I enjoyed it, a western horror movie doesn't come along very often and this was a reasonably modest, intelligent-for-Hollywood, film that made an effort with it's characters and built towards the action/nasty rather than just shove it in your face.

Session 9, another low budget film thats been nagging me to watch it for a while now finally got it''s wish and it was pretty good. Bit of the old haunted house rehash but a decent script and competent actors make this worth a watch. Funny seeing Peter Mullan in this, great actor, but it made me think about films and famous actors - no doubt that given more money the pproduction would hae gone with bigger actors but it's the good work by a face that isn't one of Stoopid Hollywood's same 20 actors/actresses, stories are better told when the protagonist doesn't remind of you of other, older stories. It's not so much that new is good cause there's always Shia Leboof I just think that the movies with these tired old faces are already sunk to me. Whatever that might mean.

I was quite looking forward to watching Trouble The Water as I loved When the Levees.. by Spike Lee but to be honest I was a little disappointed, sure it was good and a very honest, open account of life before, during and after Hurricane Katrina. My problem is simply I was a little underwhelmed by the footage they'd taken maybe I'm just an ambulance chasing thrill seeker.

Will have to finish the rest tomorrow

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