Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Just Watched

Sorry got a bit "sleepy" last night so couldn't finish my reviews.

Dead Snow, the Norwegian Nazi-Zombie flick has plenty of action, blood, guts and is a great laugh to boot. Obviously inspired by Shaun of the Dead I'd say this is probably the most successful horror/comedy since then and certainly a much better effort than Black Sheep etc

Well hyped in advance I felt little let down by The Baader Meinhof Complex - the true story of the Red Army Faction's terrorist activities in 1970's Germany. It's a very well made, if overlong thriller, with an excellent cast. Maybe it was sharing a flat years ago with a real proper Scottish Leftie that jaded me to the whole thing but I've got little sympathy for these people and I think I'd have preferred the story told from the investigating authorities rather than listen to their revolutionary drivel throughout. Must be getting rightwing in my old age.

Ahh this is more like it ! some rubbish 80's scifi - Leviathon - came out the same year as The Abyss and was overshadowed, rightly, by the Cameron spectacular. Basically an Alien ripoff other than Peter Weller this doesn't really have much to recommend it. Only for aficionados of 80's SciFi.

I always thought Barry Levinson's Wag The Dog was underappreciated but after watching What Just Happened I'm thinking that he just can't quite do comedies. DeNiro plays a troubled Hollywood producer dealing with ex-wives, kids and moronic celebrities. Maybe I missed some of the finer satirical swipes but ultimately there just wasn't enough laughs.

Poor old Heroes, just how much further can they jump the shark? I really liked this show initially but we've seen so many unpredictable changes in characters, plotholes of cosmic size and way too much faffing around since then it's almost stripped me of my interest. Anyways the Heroes Finale
didn't buck the trend - Sylar "becomes" Nathan, Hiro can't use his powers and the Ice Maiden is back. Sigh... It could've been so much better.

A made for TV thingy, Impact, is a bit of guff. A massive asteroid hits the moon and sends the moon circling towards us - cue cheapo sfx and a hokey plot about fixing the problem. Bad scripting and average acting mean I was bored bored bored. Little more than a rehash of Armageddon or Deep Impact this could have at least made an effort to bring a new slant to the Earth-In-Peril genre.

My friends have been hassling me to watch Sarah Silverman Show for ages - well I've started and I guess it's okay, there was a few laughs in each episode but the second series better get funnier. Not so keen on comedy & singing shows unless its the Flight of The Conchords and I found Silvermans songs pretty tedious. Maybe it's the tiresome, self centred character Silverman plays onscreen but I found myself preferring her co-stars to the main event.

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