Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Classic Xmas Ghosts

I found a nice little collection of classic ghosty tales just in time for the Festivus feasting. So last night we devoured an excellent Dickens adaptation called The Signalman, Denholm Elliot stars as the titular character who spends his days alone by the side of the track and succumbs to visions of a hooded figure who seems to warn of impending deaths. Classy acting and nicely shot this manages to generate a fair bit of tension from a simple story and is well worth watching.

Next was a M.R. James adapation called Number 13, this was good too just not quite in the league as above. A historian does some digging into a local priestly scandal while staying at an interesting hotel that seems not to have a room 13.

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  1. seem to recall the MR James book, (ok short story), being pretty good. classic british understated stiff upper lip horror