Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Xmas viewing - the Good part two

Lost Hearts, another of the James adaptations, was fantastic; a nasty, dark twisted tale about an Uncle whose interest in his nephew is less than wholesome. Involves plenty of Hurdy Gurdy.

Breaking Bad, is well worth your time, just finished the 2nd season and I'm already itching for more Think it's currently showing on Five at the moment but in case you haven't seen it the Dad from Malcolm in the Middle has terminal cancer and starts cooking up crystal meth when he's not teaching high school chemistry. It's dark, funny and has two amazing leads, particulary Cranston who is revelatory.

The Ash Tree, wasn't as effective as some of the other James stories but it's got a great ending. The acting didn't quite work for me though the separate time periods were deftly handled. This one is basically about a spooky tree and it's relationship with the owner of a large estate.

A Warning to The Curious is better though, this time it's about a fabled Saxon crown hidden in the Norfolk countryside discovered by a crafty amateur archeologist who soon begins to regret his find. It's creates a real atmosphere in it's own sedate manner but it was the mythos I loved, lost kings and all that. Anyways well acted, scripted and they really make the most from the desolate landscape.

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