Thursday, 17 December 2009

Magnificient Seven (or not)

Men Who Stare At Goats, not bad suppose, they've slapped a Iraqi kidnapping into it mix I guess to spice it up, the original is still funnier though.

Land of The Lost
, wasn't very funny and only mildly entertaining. They'd obviously spent a fair amount of cash on it but the Ferrell-bot wasn't functioning properly.

Rogue, a slice of commendable b-movie fare. Basically a Oz-set jumbo-creature-feature with some tense moments, really nicely shot but maybe a bit light on the chomping

Triangle, interesting time loop thriller ala Timecrimes but instead set at sea and supernaturally based.

The Box, better than the reviews I've read, it's a great set up based on a Matheson short but it's inexplicably set in the 70's and both leads are ropey and the plot a little muddled. Might read the novella though.

Boy And His Dog, first of three rewatches, classic post-apocalyptic scifi with young Don Johnson hoofing around with a telepathic mutt. Cheap but funny and has some good ideas.

Fantastic Voyage, classic shrinking scientists scifi from '66. Bound to get a remake soon.

Naked, excellent but super-grim Leigh feature with Thewlis rambling about London pontificating at strangers while on the run for assault.

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