Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Xmas Viewing - the Good

We saved Peep Show 6 instead of watching it as it aired, dunno why though, 'cause as funny as it is I can't cope with the extreme levels of social super-cringe it elicits so two eps in a row max. Still written and acted effortlessly it's bound to come to an end with the arrival of the mini-Mark next season. Shame but I hope Mitchell & Webb can find another vehicle together and maybe one with a spot for Super Hans.

The Stalls of Barchester another fine James tale concerns a historical investigation into the appointment of a new Archdeacon to a church with some unusual furnishings. It's a little dry in comparison to some of the others in the series but it has it's moments and is still heads above tonnes of the dross floating about these days.

In a similar theme is The Treasure of Abbot Thomas, this time two scholars investigate a medieval horde of gold buried on University grounds by an alchemical maverick. Decent performances and plenty of unanswered questions has made it one of my faves so far. Must really try and buy some of these in book form.

The Stewart/Tennant RSC Hamlet was actually not bad, I'm not much of a Shakes afficionado and I've never read or seen it before but it was well worth watching it even though it's a 3hr event. Bet it was better on stage but you can watch it here.

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