Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Gallic Zombies & Big Jim

La Horde is a tidy little French b-movie, think (rec)2 with shades of Assault on Precinct 13. There's no shortage of flesh chewing and gun violence as a bunch of cops and crims have to work together in a rundown tower block fighting against some quite peckish zombies. They could have worked the scenario out better & the characters are pretty basic but it knows what it is and it's a solid, unpretentious b-movie. The Frenchies are putting out more and more good genre cinema these days - shame we're lagging further and further behind.

When You're Strange is a Tom Dicillio documentary on the life of Jim Morrison, it's quite good with footage I hadn't seen before, some nice live performance snippets and a thoughtful script narrated by Depp. My major complaint was it was censored, I understand it was broadcast on the US PBS channel but pixelating just the nipples is just plain odd and all the swearing bleeps became very very tiresome. Worth a look but you won't learn much if you already know the story. Shown as part of some arts series called American Masters I think I'll start looking for more.

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