Friday, 27 August 2010

Truly Expendable & School Jazz Chops

The Expendables is as dumb as you'd imagine but, sadly, not quite as enjoyable as you'd expect - an ensemble cast of actioneers old and new seemed like a great idea but it's a bit of a turkey and a campy one at that. Sly and his muscley mates take on a corrupt Southern American dictator in 90 mins of mangled dialogue, incoherent plotting, obvious face-offs and worst of all lazy, lacklustre action scenes.

Chops is a heart warming documentary bout a high school jazz band preparing for a prestigious jazz competition run by Wynton Marsalis. The film focuses on a school from Jacksonville, Florida as they start to learn the Ellington pieces required for the comp and straight off the standard of playing is pretty amazing but it's after they get a visit from Ron Carter that they really start to swing.

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