Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Big Dumb Fun

Obviously inspired by the big budget nonsense of Avatar, the Tamil scifi epic Endhiran certainly pulls out all the stops. Sure there's some weird musical numbers and peculiar subcontinental comedy but this tale of a sentient robot going off his rocker is bags of fun. The actor playing mad scientist doubles up as the mad robot and does a decent job keeping the characters separate but my eyes were mostly on his beautiful paramour Sana who is achingly gorgeous. Anyways if you can stomach the nearly 3 hour run time this scifi film will reward you with some of the most bonkers SFX sequences you"ll ever see.

Marvel's pantheon has always felt a little, well cartoonish, compared to DC's but Ken Branagh makes a pretty decent Thor, despite the inherent silliness in the character's back story. Some Australian provides the muscle behind the hammer wielder as he's banished to Earth for hubris and must contend with the machinations of his brother Loki before returning to Asgard to kick ass. Though the lead is a clunking fist Branagh has assembled a range of talented support including Hopkins, Skarsgard, Portman and Elba and the otherworldly designs of Asgard and Jotunheim, land of the Frost Giants, is rather spiffy lending a pleasant sheen to all the nonsense.

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