Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dusty Old Bits & Pieces

Buried pyramids in Egypt have been discovered using Infra Red Sat imagery. BBC. According to this site the may be up to 17 pyramids waiting neath the sand.

Underneath the waves lie, I'm sure a tonne of undiscovered history, here's a list of 7 sites that are already providing the goodies. Via Reddit.

Laser surveying has started on an Iron Age site in the UAE.

Penn State are trying out a new imaging technique that'll allow 60 acres of subterranean Inca ruins to be revealed without lifting a trowel.

Fossils from Loch Torridon show a key stage in life's evolution from simple bacteria to more complex cellular structures that paved the way for photosynthesis and sexual reproduction. ScienceDaily.

Back in Egypt the first images are out from the probe that's working it's way towards a hidden chamber in the Great Pyramid. New Scientist. Oh and here's prosthetic toe from Thebes that's probably 2500 years old, via Reddit.

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