Saturday, 21 May 2011

Flaccid Sex Coms

John Waters' A Dirty Shame somehow escaped me on it's release maybe it was the face of the chump Knoxville on the poster that put me off but anyways it's a comedy about a cult of sex addicts over running a typical Merican small town and as you'd expect from Waters it's gleefully crass and offensive. Tracy Ullman joins the Jackass-ass along with a clutch of familiar faces who all do a decent enough job but the script is patchy and it appears Waters has backed away from more outrageous material.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno is a Kevin Smith feature from a few years back. A pair of coffee shop workers struggling to pay their bills & decide to make some quick money is to shoot themselves and some friends screwing. Starring Seth Logan and Elizabeth Banks this is a half hearted half amusing film, certainly not one of Smith's funniest but not as bad as say Cop Out or. I'm sure he must have read Once More, With Feeling a humorous book I read years ago as they're quite similar. Anyways Fat Kev pulls back from filthy jokes that peppered his earlier films in and, much like Waters, fails to exploit the gamut of laughs the situation offers. I guess Smith was, an effort to instill some heart or romance into the script.he shouldn't have bothered.

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