Monday, 30 May 2011

Scholarly Scintillas

Untouched by photoshop this blue shroom is the Entoloma Hochstetteri found in New Zealand and parts of India. Apparently not edible it did make me think of Soma, strangely, probably it's Krishna blueness.

The neuroscience behind morality is becoming exposed thanks to efforts from the University of Chicago. ScienceDaily.

Lasers are exposing the musical secrets of guitars. From io9

Italian psychologists at the University of Padova have some interesting results regarding the power that belief exerts have over our physical selves. Wired.

Someone's tinkered with an astral time lapse and rejigged it to demonstrate the Earth's rotation. Neatorama.

Australia's Channel 7 capture this disturbingly cool waterspout tornado. Reddit.

Canadian researchers have found that human echolocation relies on some of the same neuroanatomy as sight. BBC

Brain boggling piece about light and and mirrors on Io9

Artificial flesh takes a step closer to reality with the creation of a biomaterial that shares properties of actual human tissue - nanotech away. Sure the religulous types will be peeved. Science Daily.

Amazing snap of zero gravity fire after a little experiment burning a droplet of heptane onboard the ISS. New Scientist.

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