Sunday, 24 February 2013

Brain Stuffs


Interesting article trying to settle the concept of cognitive embodiment into a larger framework. Via Mindhacks.


A Princeton paper which kicks against the myth of the primacy of rationality. Via Science Daily.


Apparently a mild electrical current between the brows alleviates depression. Gizmo to hit the shops soon. Via Torygraph.


Another tech breakthrough with the development of a cheap, portable brain scanner that uses infra-red to monitor brain activity. Courtesy of New Scientist.


Mindhacks have a nice 48 min Psychology primer video.


Actual evidence for the uniqueness of our cortical structures is offered. Science Daily


A fine explanation of perceptual bias and it’s rather serious ramifications. Via Reddit.


Jump on the split-brain roundabout here. Via Mindhacks.


The flash lag illusion gets a couple of nice animations from some Japanese boffin, Hat tip to New Scientist.

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