Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Cacophony of Cliches

Brooklyn's Finest is the latest by Training Day director Antoine Fuqua and it's was a little disappointing as it treads much the same ground as that enjoyable thriller but with added cliches and less focus. 3 cops played by Gere, Hawke & Cheadle are struggling with their jobs for one reason or another and are slowly drawn together for a ridiculous, plot holey denouement. The acting is solid from all three and it's well shot but ffsake the script and plot are so stereotypical, so over used that once the film starts you could pretty much guess the final third straight away.

Cold Prey is a Norwegian horror film that manages to squeeze in even more cliches than Brooklyn's Finest which really must have been quite an effort. A gang of chirpy snowboarders head into the wilderness looking for some tourist free slopes and after a leg snapping accident they decide to hole up in an abandoned ski-lodge hotel thing with the usual deranged killer stalking the corridors. Events take an even more predictable turn as the body count builds with neither the acting/script or scares lifting this above a painting-by-numbers exercise. Must have done quite well in Norway as there's a sequel I won't be watching.

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