Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Rise of the Idiots

There's a funny/tragic/infuriating article on the Guradina site about two utter morons being appointed to Health Select Committee by our ConLib overlords. One is proud ignoramus Nadine Dorries, her of Humanzee fame and frequent spouter of abortion nonscience, the other is some guy called David Tredinnick who seems - astonishingly - to be just as thick as Dorries: his particular flavour of stupid involving asking taxpayers to pay £700 in expenses for software examining correlations between astrology and complimentary medicine citing as evidence the Moon's effect on the tides and from Hansard, Tredinnit during the alternative medicine debate

"In 2001 I raised in the House the influence of the moon, on the basis of the evidence then that at certain phases of the moon there are more accidents. Surgeons will not operate because blood clotting is not effective and the police have to put more people on the street."

So much for evidence based policy making then. Thanks Claggmeron.

Since the budget it's looking more and more likely that this magic coalition will collapse and personally I can't wait, the acrimonious blood letting will be marvellous to behold. If Clegg thinks his VAT u-turn stands well with Libdem voters he's delusional and it looks like the polls are beginning to show the result of their twisted little marriage. The usual excuses will be thrown out I'm sure but it'll lead catastrophe sooner than he thinks. The in-it-together budget itself is coming under increasing criticism too - Simon Hughes kicked off with some murmurings about tinkering with it, the IFS called it regressive and now we've got a Nobel prize winning economist calling it a crock of shit, my words not his. Oh happy days

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