Monday, 21 June 2010

Dren & The Defendor

Splice was great, an intelligent thought-provoking scifi/horror about some foolhardy scientific tinkering. Natali's tale is essentially a Mr & Mrs Frankenstein parable with a young couple of whizzbang researchers pushing their forward into humanoid based critters against orders and inevitable consequences are really quite disturbing. I won't spoil the details of the second half but it manages to straddle it's b-movie roots and the mainstream divide quite well, both leads are decent, the script & fx both sharp and it's got some brilliant, er twists and turns.

Woody Harrelson extends his acting chops by his convincing portrayal of a vigilante with learning difficulties in the bittersweet comedy Defendor. On paper it looks as if it's little more than a companion piece/rip-off of Kick Ass but this little film has a lot more going on than just explosive violence and crazy stunts. It's sensitive handling of the delusional titular hero and his tragic quest to track down the evil Captain Industry made this a much richer experience than I expected though marketing it as a straight comedy was definitely a mistake - though it is funny it gets harsh and I imagine the majority of peeps would prefer a different ending. It's like a slightly bigger budget version of Special so if you liked that delusional superhero give this a go.

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