Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Film Flim Flam

I'm kinda glad Guillermo has left the Hobbit films, his fecundity shouldn't be bound to some kids book so was delighted he's sniffing around Lovecraft's At The Mountains of Madness. via DOG

Same site has a stupid list of Carpenter's ten best+worst, pah I still think Ghosts of Mars is better than Vampires.

Batman Year One as an animated feature? that is something that I'd watch, now please. If I had TV powers I'd just greenlight a shitload, there's decades of great stories in 2000ad alone.

With Prince of P. making a half decent stab at vid-game-turned-movie here's another effort with the may-as-well resurrection of the Mortal Kombat franchise - the first one was ok, well in my then-debilitated state it seemed quite good actually but I didn't repeat the experience.

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