Thursday, 15 July 2010

Oily grubby fingers & the usual 'tard politicians

Funny how I keep coming across this BP/Megrahi release story on US blogs but haven't heard much over here. So BP were angling for a good deal in Libya and might have asked for a favour from Gordo via Alex probably in exchange for actually paying a bit more tax or something else as tawdry. Yet another indicator that the Markets influence over western governments has become troublesome and needs some heavy pruning.

Mandy sure is whipping up some nice headlines with his newly published memoirs but none of it's particularly shocking, ohh Tony and Gordo hated each other duh. Moronic stuff from a egotist that's best ignored.

Tony might well be in a huff that Mandy beat him to publication, going so far to plead to King Fuckface himself Rupe Murdoch and actually being rebuffed hahaha twat, but he really should be concerned about the latest investigations into our complicity in torture, mmm Blair on trial at the Hague that'd be a refreshing sight but never gonna happen. Flaming Torch and Pitchfork have never been so tempting.

Some chump from the Institute of Community Cohesion is stating the obvious, that MP's live in a cosseted little bubble of demonic ambition twinned with inflated egos and a pack mentality. Well he phrases it differently.

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