Sunday, 18 July 2010

Uncommon Horror

Finally got around to watching George Romero's Martin and I was quite impressed: an ambiguous film about a petulant teen who thinks he's a vampire struggling to cope moving in with relatives in a new town. As you'd expect it's got a super low budget but Romero manages to create a strange dreamlike atmosphere as Martin succumbs to his lust for blood and starts picking off the young ladies.

Night of The Creeps is a funny horror spoof from the 80's directed by Fred Dekker. Some alien brain slug parasites and an escaped axe weilding lunatic are on the loose and terrorising a small town as it prepares for the Prom. Despite it all being played for the laughs there are a few moments of genuine horror as a handful of survivors decide to take their town back with a naught but a shotgun and a flamethrower. Dekker followed this film with Monster Squad which I vaguely remember so might give it another go before the inevitable remake turns up. Here's a lovely retro poster for both someone's made.

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