Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Great Antidote

Unusual hole punch clouds off Myrtle Beach, via Neatorama.

As NASA limps into an uncertain future private companies look to fill the breach and some former astronaut is developing a plasma engine that he thinks could clock up 123000 mph. Popsci.

A bafflingly powerful new X-Ray laser is now capable of taking pics of living viruses. Via DG.

Chinese labcoats are developing a maglev train that can reach speeds similar to aircraft.

Some boffins have been working on a sensible set of protocols for attempting to communicating with aliens. They should read Lem. Physorg.

NASA & ESA are planning to send two orbiters to Europa.

Earth like clouds have been spotted on Titan. DG.

Seems gently zapping your noggin might be rather beneficial. New Scientist.

HiRise images of Martian dunes show the landscape is much more active than previously thought. Science Daily.

Rustling leaves have inspired a new development which might improve wind farm efficiency. Arstechnica.

China takes steps towards creating Sino City One with an estimated population of 42 million. Neatorama.

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