Monday, 11 April 2011

The Great Antidote

Sweet warped Space visualisation looks initially like someone's Spirograph doodling. Science Daily.

BoingBoing have an amusing vid of some guy messing around with his brain with magnets.

Nicely pickled prehistoric brain found in a Heslington bog. Via Reddit.

According to some Russian boffin it's possible planets could maintain a stable orbit within a Black Hole. TechReview.

Disgustingly cute vid of a bizarre Dolphin/Cat interaction. Impactlab.

The Kepler scope keeps churning out the goods, this time it's found an unusual trinary star system that's also a bit quiet.

The Yanks are probably sporting a burgeoning gun-stiffy as their new Laser weapon passes another round of testing. BBC

FBI have released a report from 1950 which refers to the recovery of 3 alien craft and some corpses.

Archaeologists are busy unearthing a catacomb with 8 million mammalian mummies, mostly dogs apparently. NatGeo

Lovely snap of Jupiter's South Pole. Via Reddit.

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