Saturday, 9 April 2011

Ortho & Pseud Docs

Defamation is a fascinating documentary journey of an Israeli born Jew who sets out to investigate anti semitism. As he trundles along with the usual talking head spots with politicians, campaigners & heretic academics he eventually becomes accused of self hating when disagrees, quite rightly, with the lobby's current folly of insisting any critique of the State's policy/actions are obviously masked antisemitism. It's an interesting 90 mins that maybe could have done with a little more weight but the fact that the ADL slammed it is reason enough to watch.

Blooded is a crappy faux documentary about the kidnapping and hunting of 5 friends staying at the home of a dickish prohunt activist in the Highlands. Split between the "real" participants talking in-studio and a dramatisation on location with "actors" it's singularly fails to rouse any tension or excitement as it bumbles through a ridiculous plot and sports a astonishing array of ropey acting. Really can't see why they bothered making it.

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