Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Zowie Trumps Rose

Source Code is Duncan Jones' 2nd film following on from his excellent debut, Moon, with another interesting, tidy but gripping slice of scifi. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a US soldier who wakes up in a simulation of 8 mins on a train just about to explode and in a Groundhog Day stylee he must relive the time over and over till he can uncover the bomber and his next target. Despite the average performances this has plenty of pace and there's plenty here to keep you entertained and not consider the plot holes to the very end, almost. I'm sure this more mainstream offering will propel Jones into many future projects and I hope he can sustain the classic-y, 70's moderation he's brought to his first two films.

Mr Nice is the film bio of famed pot smuggler Howard Marks based on his own bestselling book of the same name. Rhys Ifans and assorted cast do a pleasant enough job as the burgeoning specialist grocers and it's an interesting enough tale with dalliances with the IRA, Afghanis and of course the usual Police/MI5 antics but it's pretty simple biopic fare in the end, quite surprising given Rose's interesting previous films anyways it's a cursory romp through Marks' Uni to Teacher to International Herbalist career with very little imagination expended on the telling of the tale. Watchable but not memorable.

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