Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Scientific Spatterings

This Chandra snap of Tycho Supernova which might just have revealed the trigger for a class of nova. DailyGalaxy.

China's Space ambitions become a little clearer with the announcement of a plan to build their own Space Station within the next 10 years. Garudina

Looks like SETI is all but done, ironic that it's fading while Kepler coughs up hundreds of Earth like planets. IO9.

3 new Water Fountains, a rare type of Maser, have been found in the Milky Way. Made me think of Urth. DG.

Colbert will be delighted as more evidence appears for Gut/Brain interactions, Scientific American.

Proposals for a gigantic gravitational telescope buried deep beneath the Earth have surfaced. And cheap too - only a Billion, what's that like the cost of a month in Afg/Ira/Lib? The Torygraph.

Haha Whales get Earworms too - Science

Despite plenty of evidence against it,the IQ myth is hard to dismiss, however a recent paper demonstrates that motivation affects the test's results and though it sounds obvious it has big implications.

Motown Karaoke experiment helps uncover the neurological structures behind embarrassment. SD

A hungry microbial society of extremophiles is munching it's way through the Titanic, also DG.

Interesting but obvious research that shows that parts of the brain will take siestas during supposedly waking consciousness. ImpactLab.

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