Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Role Playing Heroes

Super stars Rainn Wilson as an odd, short order cook who flips when his wife runs of with a local drug dealer, played by Kevin Bacon, and decides to become a vigilante. Don't expect the gloss of Kick Ass this is a much bleaker, more realistic film much closer in style to Special or Defendor. Wilson's Frank is inspired by religious visions to take to the streets wielding initially nothing but a large wrench but he soon makes a name for himself and picks himself up a strange, horny, comic book obsessed sidekick played by Ellen Page. It's a well acted film with some startling violence sprinkled amidst the offbeat humour and despite the hackneyed plot Frank's rampaging crusade to clean up the city and rescue his wife makes for a rather entertaining watch. Apparently directed by the guy behind Slither which was good too, must give it another look.

Rango is an animated feature about a lizard thespian who winds up playing the role of Sheriff for real in drought stricken town ruled by an ancient tortoise. Depp leads an excellent cast of voice actors and it all romps along with a bevy of laughs as well as the requisite action but it's the clever referencing that pushes the film beyond your normal kids movie - there's obviously Chinatown, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Apocalypse Now, Star Wars and heaps of Clint and probably tonnes more - all done so seamlessly within the narrative they don't interrupt the flow. Director Verbinski regains some respect after his cash machine Pirates of the C. trilogy.

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